What's This All About?

Life can hit pretty hard sometimes, and the only way we survive some things is through community. Whether we’re having a breakdown or we’re trying to pass calculus, the people around us can make or break the situation. I’ve certainly found strength through some of my male role models (particularly my dad and my husband), but I’ve found a special kind of strength in the women who surround me, and I’ve found that their support has made all the difference in my life.

You know who these women are because they surround you, too. They are your cornerstones. You also know that without them, you wouldn’t have the friends, jobs, hobbies, joy, energy, intrigue, curiosity, adventure… fill in the blank. Our lives would be dark and colorless without them.

I’ve recently been introduced to some new and amazing women through networking. I’ve often found myself being more interested in who these women are than in the networking part. It’s been downright easy to meet them because they’re so there; completely present, patient and understanding. They’ve been extraordinary in their willingness to help. My old amazing friends would love these new amazing friends, and all of this got me thinking.

So I’ve decided to challenge myself:

I have a hypothesis: If I dig just a little bit, I believe I’ll be able to find 100 women within two degrees of separation (maybe three if I’m feeling insecure) who are game changers for me or someone I know. I’ve decided to find these hundred women and write about them. Maybe I’ll find more; you just never know where this could end up. Like some kind of basset hound, I feel compelled to follow the scent in my own ambling way. If I were a pro I would’ve said bloodhound or German shepherd, but I’m just me.

If you’ve been asked to participate, it’s because someone thinks you’re the bomb and they want to share you with the world. I’m willing to bet that you think you’re just doing what anyone would do, and you don’t want to put yourself out there. I bet your first reaction is to say No, but I know someone else you should talk to. Nope, you’re the one I’m looking for.

Here’s what I’m asking: I want to talk to you, face-to-face, to grab a cup or two of coffee (on me), to find out a bit about what makes you tick. I’ll ask for a picture and your age (give or take, if you’re shy about it) because you’re not a nameless, faceless woman, you’re a giant, even if it’s just in your own little corner in Minnesota. (You should be in Minnesota, or have some affiliation to it since I want to keep it local for now.)

Why the website? Because I’m willing to bet that someone out there needs to hear what you have to say. You never know how your insight might help another woman. Will there be controversial subjects? I don’t know, maybe. Will there be differences of opinion? You bet. Is this a place for pointing fingers and implicating others? Heck no. This is a place for your diverse wisdom about crooked roads to better places.

What should we talk about? I don’t care as long as it comes from your soul. If you don’t believe in souls, then your heart will do. Don’t worry, you’ll get to read and approve what’s written before it’s published because it’s your story. You’ve earned it, and I’d be honored to share it.

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