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The Women’s Lounge 100

Naming our lifelines one woman at a time.

Who matters to you, and what are you willing to do about it?

I spent a lot of time thinking about this, and you’re looking at the result: My goal is to write 100 stories about 100 women who have impacted me or one of my friends. I’m interested in the relationships that check our egos, feed our souls, and prop us up. These women are my unsung heroes. 

This website is a project based on gratitude, and I’m sharing these women with the hope that you’re inspired to think of your own tribe and its contribution to who you are. If I can find 100, so can you. And yes, that’s a big number.

Relationships feed our souls, and every time we engage with whatever grace we can muster, we feed someone else’s soul. In doing that, we nourish our own. It’s just one of those crazy miracles. 

I want you to know that none of us are alone. I’m willing to bet that at least a few women have had an extraordinary impact on you, too. I’m talking about the ones who put action behind their words, and have somehow shifted the course of your life, even just a little. How can we ever repay them? Or better yet, how can we pay it forward? My heroes may be unsung, but this is how I’ve chosen to use my voice. Enjoy the stories of who they are to me, and see if you can’t find 100 miracles surrounding you.

The 100

I’ll be writing and posting stories of amazing women here. I’ve learned it’s hard to get it right, and that patience is a virtue. And that 100 is a big number. This is how I pay it forward.

Show Up

The more I talk to women, the more I learn about how we show up for each other. How do you show up for your lifelines? Maybe these ideas can help.


This project continues to teach me a lot about people, the writing process, and what it means to create something new. The good, the bad, the imperfect.

The WL100 Back Story

My name is Karen and like you, I’ve seen some interesting times in my life. I’m astonished at how many wise, brilliant, and patient women helped me through the rough patches as they stood by like lifelines, stretched taut and unwilling to let me drown. I’m also astonished at how they’ve made the good times better, sometimes pointing out that hey, silly, a good thing happened and were going to celebrate it! They didn’t call me names, but they could have.

They did call me friend, and then they put plenty of action behind it. I’m here to celebrate them, and to help you celebrate the lifelines that have helped keep you afloat.