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In order to write these stories, it’s pretty important to spend a lot of time focusing on one particular subject, y’know, a specific person. I tend to start out by bulleting key adjectives associated with her (no matter where these adjectives fall in the emotional spectrum) and then I’ll bullet very short paragraphs relating to incidents that pop into my mind. Next I look for commonalities among them to help me discern that key thing I’m going to try to get across. It’s super hard and exhausting, and if you watched me curled up with my journal, you’d probably start thinking about calling someone for help as I frenetically alternate between laughing and crying. Sometimes this process takes a few days, other times it takes months. But between thoughts and conversations and researching the rabbit holes that keep popping up, my process has revealed some pretty interesting things apart from the 100 stories. This is a space where I’ll try to share some of it.

Imagine My Surprise

Exposure brings funny things. With the launch of the WL100 site, my little stories have been getting exposure beyond the five people I’ve already written about, and beyond the four or five more people I’ve shared details with.