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Some More About Me (and this Project)

We all live unique lives with different motivations, and yet we’re striving for many of the same basic things, or at least the things that matter most. This isn’t news, so why the site? Mostly because I’m interested in stories that hold meaning, but also because I’m grateful, and I want people to know.

My friend Jason was once pulled over for using his high beam headlights through the city when one of his low beams was out. The officer walked up to his car and said What are you trying to do, son, light up the whole world? Jason’s response has become my mantra: No sir, just my little corner of it.

I suppose that’s what this is all about. Mother Theresa implored us to look in our own backyards, and Mister Rogers invited us to look for the helpers. I’m taking that to heart, lighting up my backyard and looking for the helpers.

If you’ve been asked to participate, or to have your story told, I hope you’ll consider it. You might respond that you are just you, there’s nothing worth writing about, you’re not especially pure and you don’t wear cardigans… I get it. But you’re exactly who this site is about because you’ve affected someone in a powerfully good way. Welcome aboard.

I’ll pay for the coffee or whatever we decide to do. I’ll go to wherever you are. I’ll do my best to make it easy for you. I’ll share who I am to whatever extent you wish. 

I do not, however, “know what I’m doing” here. This is a work in progress and a grand adventure, and I’m simply setting sail. 

A little bit about me: I’m happy. I like people. I love dogs and horses. I’m horribly over-educated but that’s a story in itself. My husband and I have been married since 2012 and he excels at talking me off the ledge. We have two kids and two step kids, and they are the kindest people I know. I have a sister, Tracy, who’s just the coolest. My folks are going to be canonized if I can swing it. I have extraordinary friends, and some of them are guys. Also, I love egg rolls.

In business school I was taught that businessmen (seriously, my professor was specifically talking about dudes) don’t like the word feel, because people can’t argue with it. We were supposed to use words like I believe and my opinion is... But this site is going to be good because it’s not about a debate, it’s about some women you may or may not have met. And I may or may not agree with them on all things, but nobody will be made wrong here. This site will be good because I’m going to make it good. I can just feel it, and sometimes that’s enough.