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More answers will be coming as questions arise.
For now, just email me. 

Will the website always look like this? In short, no. Once I start posting stories, I’ll need to do a reorganization of what you see here. The new site is actively being developed!

Will you talk with people outside of Minnesota? To the extent that the Twin Cities Metro area includes a small piece of Wisconsin, yes. Or if there’s a significantly “Minnesotan” connection, maybe. Beyond that I need to keep it local right now.

Why is it called the Women’s Lounge? I was thinking about this concept when my friend and I walked into the Nordstrom restroom at the Mall of America. It used to be called the Women’s Lounge, not the Restroom. Why? Because when you walk in, the first thing you see are comfy couches and tables and lamps in a giant room before you even get to the restroom part. How delightful is that? Women chatting among themselves, joking with each other, some are nursing babies, while others have set their canes or walkers aside for a few minutes. Think about it. A quiet place to chill and talk, a nice break from all the stuff surrounding you, plus it never hurt anyone to have toilets, sink, soap and water nearby. 

What about the 100? My goal is to write about 100 women and to see where that leads. I guess part of that depends on you. ☺️

I’ve agreed to chat. How will this go? What should I expect? I have a number of canned questions I can use as conversation starters, but we’ll probably just talk. Someone referred you for a reason, it won’t be a secret, and we’ll just talk about that. If you’d rather take the conversation to another topic you feel strongly about, we can do that. I’ll record the conversation since my memory is as middle-aged as I am, and it’ll be automatically transcribed for me. I’ll also take notes. I’m not as coordinated as this makes me sound.

We have a mutual friend who has asked if I’d agree to having a story written about me. What does that mean? It simply means that you’ve done something tremendous in her life, and she wants to celebrate it. She wants to honor you. She wants others to see that your wisdom and kindness exist in the world and she wants to share it with the rest of us.

Will I get to approve of the story before it’s published? Absolutely. You have ultimate editorial control. If something isn’t sitting right with you, I’ll rewrite it or take it out or do whatever you ask, as long as the story still makes an impact.

Do you really need to show my picture? Yep. Besides, you’re beautiful.